Spatial-temporal fixed and hegemonic transitions in the historical capitalism

Taşkesen, Suat
This thesis analyzes the historical capitalism in a historical context. ccumulation cycles, hegemonic transitions, and their interrelated structures n the historical capitalism will be discussed alongside inspired prose, and completed final drafts. The thesis will also trace the causes and effects of accumulation cycles and hegemonic transitions and will seek to answer questions such as how and why those cycles and transitions ocur, what are the determinants and how and why those determinants effect those processess, Thus, the purpose of this study is to obtain a full perspective of the historical capitalism by analyzing past and present accumulation cycles and hegemonic shifts respectively to provide basis for explaining not only incessant cycles and transitions of the historical capitalism but also current developments in International Relations.
Citation Formats
S. Taşkesen, “Spatial-temporal fixed and hegemonic transitions in the historical capitalism,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.