On the tight contact structures on seıfert fibred 3−manifolds with 4 singular fibers

Medetoğulları, Elif
In this thesis, we study the classification problem of Stein fillable tight contact structures on any Seifert fibered 3−manifold M over S 2 with 4 singular fibers. In the case e0(M) · −4 we have a complete classification. In the case e0(M) ¸ 0 we have obtained upper and lower bounds for the number of Stein fillable contact structures on M.


On endomorphisms of surface mapping class groups
Korkmaz, Mustafa (Elsevier BV, 2001-05-01)
In this paper, we prove that every endomorphism of the mapping class group of an orientable surface onto a subgroup of finite index is in fact an automorphism.
On homotopy groups of real algebraic varieties and their complexifications
Ozan, Yıldıray (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-10-01)
Let X-0 be a topological component of a nonsingular real algebraic variety and i : X --> X-C is a nonsingular projective complexification of X. In this paper, we will study the homomorphism on homotopy groups induced by the inclusion map i: X-0 --> X-C and obtain several results using rational homotopy theory and other standard tools of homotopy theory.
New experimental methods for the determination of the P parity of K mesons
Pak, Namık Kemal; Rekalo, MP (1999-04-01)
We propose new methods to determine the P parity of the K mesons experimentally, based on the measurement of polarization observables in K-meson production in polarized proton-proton collisions. The first method is based on the measurement of the sign of the spin correlation coefficient with transversally polarized protons. The second one is based on the measurement of the polarization transfer coefficient from the initial proton to the produced hyperon. [S0556-2821(99)01905-0].
The Investigation of Electronic, Elastic and Vibrational Properties of an Interlanthanide Perovskite: PrYbO3
The structural, mechanical, electronic and lattice dynamical properties of the PrYbO3 compound from the ABO(3)-type perovskite family have been investigated by performing the first-principles density functional theory calculations using the generalized-gradient approximation (GGA) with corrected Coulomb interactions (GGA+U). Structural parameters, formation energies and phase transition pressures for the five possible phases of this compound have been calculated. Then, the spin-dependent electronic band str...
First-Principles Investigation of NOx and SOx Adsorption on Anatase-Supported BaO and Pt Overlayers
Hummatov, Ruslan; GÜLSEREN, Oğuz; ÖZENSOY, EMRAH; Toffoli, Daniele; Toffoli, Hande (2012-03-15)
We present a density functional theory investigation of the adsorption properties of NO and NO2 as well as SO2 and SO3 on BaO and Pt overlayers on anatase TiO2(001) surface. Mono layers, bilayers, and trilayers of BaO grow without strain-induced large scale reconstructions. While the bilayer and trilayer preserve, to a large extent, the NO2 adsorption characteristics of the clean BaO(100) surface, the effect of the support is evident in SO2 and SO3 adsorption energies, which are somewhat reduced with respec...
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E. Medetoğulları, “On the tight contact structures on seıfert fibred 3−manifolds with 4 singular fibers,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.