Design of series-fed printed slot antenna arrays excited by microstrip lines

İncebacak, Mustafa
Series-fed printed slot antenna arrays excited by microstrip lines are low profile, easy to manufacture, low cost structures that found use in applications that doesn’t require high power levels with having advantage of easy integration with microwave front-end circuitry. In this thesis, design and analysis of microstrip line fed slot antenna arrays are investigated. First an equivalent circuit model that ignores mutual coupling effects between slots is studied. A 6-element array is designed by using this equivalent circuit model. From the measurement and electromagnetic simulation results of this array, it is concluded that mutual coupling effects should be considered in order to achieve a successful design that meets the design specifications related to the main beam direction and sidelobe levels of the antenna. Next, an improved equivalent circuit model proposed for stripline fed slot antenna arrays is studied. It is observed that, the mutual coupling effects are incorporated into the equivalent model through the utilization of active impedance concept. Finally, the design equations proposed in the improved equivalent circuit model are derived for the microstrip line fed slot antenna array structure. To demonstrate the validity and the accuracy of the derived design equations, results obtained by the proposed analysis method are compared with simulation and measurement results. It is concluded that the proposed method successfully predicts the radiation pattern of the array by including the mutual coupling effects.


Design of a dual polarized low profile antenna for microwave brain imaging
Üçel, Kaan; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-5-9)
In this thesis, a low profile, low cost, wide band (0.9-2GHz) dual linearly polarized printed dipole antenna is designed to be used in microwave brain imaging systems. Dual polarization feature offers superior data acquisition through polarization diversity for better image quality. Starting from a simple printed dipole, antenna structure is modified step by step to meet these design requirements. Since a conductive surface in close vicinity of the antenna affects antenna performance, in order to obtain uni...
Design of asymmetric coplanar strip folded dipole antennas /
Karaciğer, Kamil; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
This thesis includes the design, simulation, production and measurement of an asymmetric coplanar strip folded dipole antenna suitable to be used as an element in a linear array operating at S-band (2.7 GHz - 3.3 GHz). In this same manner, its usefulness as an array antenna is also explored in this thesis. This antenna element consists of a microstrip line feed, microstrip to coplanar stripline transition (BALUN) and asymmetric coplanar strip (ACPS) folded dipole. The planar folded dipole can be constructed...
Dual frequency reconfigurable reflectarray antenna of split ring elements with RF MEMS switches
Güçlü, Caner; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
Dual band (K and Ka) electronically scanning reflectarray with RF MEMS switches is designed, implemented and measured. Unit cell of the reflect array is composed of conductor backed split-ring elements. In order to steer the beam, the phase of the incident circularly polarized wave is controlled by RF MEMS switches that modify the angular orientation of split-rings individually. Reflectarray is designed using unit cell approach with periodic boundary conditions. The antenna is fabricated by using surface mi...
Design of an active microstrip array using a microwave circuit simulator
Demir, S; Toker, Canan; Hizal, A (1997-02-26)
An active antenna array design and simulation of this design with a microwave circuit simulator are presented. This active antenna array is a TV receive only (TVRO) antenna operating at 10 GHz. It is a 8x4 array of rectangular microstrip patch antennas. Eight low noise pHEMTs are placed in the antenna. Passive antenna characteristics are usually obtained by analytical techniques or using special softwares for this purpose. The numerical representation as well as the nonreciprocal nature of the active device...
Design of a Re-configurable dual frequency microstrip antenna with integrated RF MEMS switches
Onat, Sinon; Ünlü, Mehmet; Alatan, Lale; Demir, Şimşek; Akın, Tayfun (2005-07-08)
The complete design of a re-configurable dual frequency antenna structure, including its integrated RF MEMS switches and their actuation lines together with a CPW feed, is introduced. The number of switches used in the inset is decreased compared to the hybrid design we presented previously (Onat, S. et al., IEEE Int. Antennas and Propag. Symp., vol.2, p.1812-15, 2004). Instead of utilizing available RF MEMS switches, new switches suitable for this application are designed. Two different switch configuratio...
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M. İncebacak, “Design of series-fed printed slot antenna arrays excited by microstrip lines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.