Estimation of hazardous waste generation in selected sectors of Ostim OIZ, Ankara

Kayabınar, Arzu
In this study, Hazardous Waste Production potential for the selected priority sectors in OSTIM Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), Ankara is investigated. A general inventory study is conducted based on both absolute and minor entries in Waste List of Regulation on General Principles of Waste Management, Annex 4. Processes included in priority sectors are identified; moreover, each process is analyzed in terms of inputs entering and outputs leaving. Generated hazardous wastes from each sector are classified as process based, side processes based, and non-process based. After determination of codes and amounts of wastes, hazardous qwaste generation factors are generally calculated as "kg of waste generated per ton of product or raw material processed". Calculated hazardous waste generation factors are compared with the estimated ones in literature if there is any and a specific range is determined for each waste factor. By use of sector specific hazardous waste generation factors and total capacity values sectoral hazardous waste generation amounts are calculated for OSTIM OIZ. The most crowded and potentially polluter sectors are determined from 14 main producer sectors of OSTIM OIZ. Accordingly, machining, casting of ferrous metals, treatment and coating of metals, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and manufacture of rubber products are selected priority sectors studied in this thesis study. It is observed that among selected priority sectors highest generation occurs in machining sector, which involve high amounts of 12 01 coded HWs as metal grindings and waste oil mixtures. In addition, manufacturing of rubber products sector has no significant hazardous waste generation.
Citation Formats
A. Kayabınar, “Estimation of hazardous waste generation in selected sectors of Ostim OIZ, Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.