Economic, social and political participation of the youth in urban South-Eastern Anatolia

Özdemir, Caner
This study aims to find out the patterns of economic, social and political participation of the youth in urban South-eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Analyses of the data reveal that youth in the South Eastern Anatolia Region does not and cannot participate in various dimensions of the society. Youth in South-eastern Anatolia cannot participate into the labour market. There are too limited job opportunities in the region. On the other hand, working young people are prone to low quality working conditions. Young people also cannot participate into the social life in the public sphere. Social and economic pressures and lack of opportunities are limiting young people in a social life mainly in the private sphere within a closed community. Finally, youth in South-eastern Anatolia Region are keeping themselves away from political mechanisms. Political structure is not attracting young people because of the negative experiences that the people participated in politics having for years. One of the most important findings of the study is that different dimensions of participation namely participation in the labour market, participation in social life and political participation are dependent on each other. Another result is that both the level and experiences of youth participation are highly determined by the social characteristics such as gender, family background, education level and age.


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C. Özdemir, “Economic, social and political participation of the youth in urban South-Eastern Anatolia,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.