The Iranian nuclear isssue : assessment of Turkey's role

İlhan, Özkan
This thesis assesses the role of Turkey in the diplomatic process towards resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue within the context of its improving bilateral relations with Iran and analyzes the motives behind increasing Turkish involvement in this issue. Firstly, this thesis will present a historical overview of Iran‟s nuclear program and the dispute arising from this program. Secondly, the attitudes of the major stakeholders who have been dealing with this issue since the inception will be put under spotlight. Thirdly, Turkish-Iranian relations will be examined with particular emphasis on the last two decades. Lastly, within the context of the attitudes of the major stakeholders and improving Turkish-Iranian relations Turkey‟s active role in the diplomatic process will be analyzed. In this regard, Turkey‟s active role in this process will be explained on the basis of some pragmatic reasons and rational factors.


Iranian nuclear crisis and its impact on Us-Iranian relations between 1953-2008
Üzmez, Sena; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of International Relations (2010)
This thesis analyzes the U.S.-Iran relations in accordance with Iranian Nuclear Crisis from a historical perspective. Analyzing the U.S.-Iran relations since 1953 until 2008, it is possible to see that as the two countries’ perceptions towards each other change, their policies towards the nuclear issue change, too. While nuclear developments were not a threat for the two states that were close allies during the Shah Era, the perceptions totally changed after the Islamic Revolution. However, even if US and I...
Debating nuclear proliferation and international security nexus: the case of İran
Öncel, Rıfat; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of International Relations (2019)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the consequences of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in terms of international security and to propose a more comprehensive and coherent theoretical framework through a critical review of the current approaches through the Iranian nuclear crisis. Nuclear weapons have always been an important source of debate in the international security literature, due to enormous impact of their emergence and proliferation on international politics. In this thesis, optimistic and ...
The reform movement in Iran: discourse and deeds
Hızır, Agah; Altunışık, Meliha; Department of Eurasian Studies (2006)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze the Khatami Period of 1997-2005 in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Reform Movement that brought Khatami to the presidency and the grounds of the incongruity between the discourse and the outcomes of the movement is examined. The reasons of this incongruity are the focus of this study. The structure of the thesis is as follows: In the first chapter, a brief summary of the history of democracy in Iran is examined, since in Iran without a historical perspective, it ...
The Nagorno Karabakh conflict and its impact on the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey
Efe, Almula; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of Eurasian Studies (2012)
This thesis seeks to examine the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey in terms of the role that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict plays in this relationship. The Nagorno Karabakh conflict, which is one of the long-lasting ethno-territorial conflicts in the region, continues to be the major issue-area for Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. In this respect, Azerbaijan’s relations with Turkey, as well as NATO, the United States and Russia could be understood better through an academic study of the Nagorno Karabakh co...
AYKAN, MB (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 1993-02-01)
Since the 1950s Turkish foreign policy toward the Middle East has centered on the question of support for the Arab position on the Palestinian question. Ever since the U.N. General Assembly resolution of November 1947 that partitioned Palestine between the Palestinians and Israelis, all the Arab countries—even though diversity of regime has prevented them from otherwise acting as a unit in Middle Eastern politics—have consistently supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state (in oppositio...
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Ö. İlhan, “The Iranian nuclear isssue : assessment of Turkey’s role,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.