Optimal-trajectory tracking guidance of an aircraft with final velocity constraint

Erdoğmuş, Deniz


Giriş Kısıtlı Ters Sarkaç Mekanizmasının Optimal Kontrolü
SOVUKLUK, Sait; Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert (2021-08-01)
Rapid developments in today's actuator and sensor technologies have pioneered the development of platforms containing very different actuator and sensor combinations. In order to utilize the potentials of the platforms in the best way, it has become a necessity to develop new methods in control systems and new control methods have begun to be gathered under the name of modern control. The optimal control, which is one of the subtitles of modern control, has started to be used widely today with the increase ...
Optimal scheduling of booster disinfection in water distribution networks
Sert, Çağlayan; Altan Sakarya, Ayşe Burcu (Informa UK Limited, 2017-10-2)
Booster disinfection stations are the solution alternative to maintain required disinfectant residual concentration in water distribution networks. In the present study, an optimisation problem to determine the optimum injection rates is solved. The minimisation of the total injected mass is considered as the objective function which is subjected to bound constraints on chlorine concentration. Two formulations are used for the linear optimisation problem, with and without considering the initial concentrati...
Optimal Packet Scheduling on an Energy Harvesting Broadcast Link
Antepli, Mehmet Akif; Uysal, Elif; Erkal, Hakan (2011-09-01)
The minimization of transmission completion time for a given number of bits per user in an energy harvesting communication system, where energy harvesting instants are known in an offline manner is considered. An achievable rate region with structural properties satisfied by the 2-user AWGN Broadcast Channel capacity region is assumed. It is shown that even though all data are available at the beginning, a non-negative amount of energy from each energy harvest is deferred for later use such that the transmi...
Optimal Path Tracking Control of a Quadrotor UAV
Suicmez, Emre Can; Kutay, Ali Türker (2014-05-30)
This paper presents the linear quadratic tracking (LQT) control of a quadrotor UAV by solving discrete time matrix difference Riccati Equation. First, the nonlinear dynamic model of the quadrotor is obtained by using Newton's equations of motion. Then, the nonlinear dynamic model is linearized around hover condition. The linearized dynamic model is used to solve the optimal control problem. A trade off between good tracking performance and energy consumption is made while defining the performance index (cos...
Optimal streaming of rate adaptable video
Gürses, Eren; Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
In this study, we study the dynamics of network adaptive video streaming and propose novel algorithms for rate distortion control in video streaming. While doing so, we maintain inter-protocol fairness with TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) that is the dominant transport protocol in the current Internet. The proposed algorithms are retransmission-based and necessitate the use of playback buffers in order to tolerate the extra latency introduced by retransmissions. In the first part, we propose a practical...
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D. Erdoğmuş, “Optimal-trajectory tracking guidance of an aircraft with final velocity constraint,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.