Development of a UAV testbed

Çakır, Zeynep
The development and testing for a UAV testbed to be used in academic research and undergraduate education is proposed in this thesis. Analysis on commercial off -the-shelf UAV systems and autopilots lead to the development of a custom, open-architecture and modular UAV testbed. The main focus is to support research in UAV control field and education of the undergraduate students. The integration and use of commercial-off -the-shelf avionics and air vehicle are described in detail. System performance is examined both in flight and on the ground. Results of the system tests show that the developed system is a functional UAV testbed to be used in research of diff erent flight control algorithms.
Citation Formats
Z. Çakır, “Development of a UAV testbed,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.