The Lebanese-Syrian relations between 1989-2005 : the changes and continuities

Şengül, İrem
The objective of this thesis is to analyze the bilateral relations between Lebanon and Syria between the years 1989-2005. In the defined time period, the Lebanese-Syrian relations were characterized by the establishment and fall of the Syrian domination over Lebanon. This study focuses on this transformation in their relations and mainly questions how the Lebanese-Syrian relations were transformed, how it affected and in turn were affected by the broader regional setting. Accordingly, the thesis is consistent of four main parts. In each historically divided time period, the major determinants of the direction of their relations and the changes and continuities in regard to these determinants are investigated. In the first part, the study focuses on the historical evolution of their relations with due attention to the dispatchment of Lebanon from Greater Syria and post-independence period. In the second part, their relations are analyzed in the era of Lebanese civil war which also signifies the beginning of active and effective Syrian involvement in Lebanese affairs. The third part encompasses the period of unquestioned Syrian domination over Lebanon in the post-civil war period up until the year 2000. In the fourth part, the changes in the direction of their relations studied in relate to the role of changing international and regional environment in affecting their relations.


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İ. Şengül, “The Lebanese-Syrian relations between 1989-2005 : the changes and continuities,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.