Frictionless double contact problem for an axisymmetric elastic layer between an elastic stamp and a flat support with a circular hole

Mert, Oya
This study considers the elastostatic contact problem of a semi-infinite cylinder. The cylinder is compressed against a layer lying on a rigid foundation. There is a sharp-edged circular hole in the middle of the foundation. It is assumed that all the contacting surfaces are frictionless and only compressive normal tractions can be transmitted through the interfaces. The contact along interfaces of the elastic layer and the rigid foundation forms a circular area of which outer diameter is unknown. The problem is converted into the singular integral equations of the second kind by means of Hankel and Fourier integral transform techniques. The singular integral equations are then reduced to a system of linear algebraic equations by using Gauss-Lobatto and Gauss-Jacobi integration formulas. This system is then solved numerically. In this study, firstly, the extent of the contact area between the layer and foundation are evaluated. Secondly, contact pressure between the cylinder and layer and contact pressure between the layer and foundation are calculated for various material pairs. Finally, stress intensity factor on the edge of the cylinder and in the end of the sharp-edged hole are calculated.