Correlation based thermal design of air transport rack chassis

Çolpa, Bekir Onur
In this thesis, a Thermal Model Tool (TMT) is developed for standard Avionic Transport Rack (ATR) chassis and thermal design of a standard ATR chassis is done using developed TMT. This ATR chassis is a Digital Moving Map (DMAP) of a helicopter and the tool is used to determine the cooling channel details of DMAP. TMT decreases design process steps and eliminates the complexity of the design. Experimental studies are conducted on one of the existing chassis produced in Aselsan Inc. for different operating conditions. There are two different operating conditions for the chassis as 25 ºC and 55 ºC, which are given, in military standard MIL-STD-810F. Critical temperature values are measured, which are used in analytical calculations, and results are represented. At the first step, outputs of the experimental studies are used in analytical calculation in order to develop TMT. Secondly, heat dissipation rate of two different chassis are v calculated easily by using the TMT, and without making effort for CFD analysis, the necessary number of plate fins of the chassis are assessed considering given geometrical constraints and heat loads. Finally, cooling channels are generated using the results of TMT. In the next step the chassis, which are designed using the results of TMT, are analyzed numerically by using Icepak Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool and results of TMT are verified. The cooling capacities of the decided plate fins, which are obtained by TMT, are checked whether or not the required heat dissipation rates are ensured. Consequently, TMT is tested under for two different operating conditions on two different chassis. Analytical and numerical studies for both conditions are compared and discussed in detail. Comparisons show that, developed TMT results are meaningful and close to numerical results, therefore TMT can be used in forthcoming ATR chassis designs.


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B. O. Çolpa, “Correlation based thermal design of air transport rack chassis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.