Calibration of water distribution networks

Ar, Kerem
Water distribution network models are used for different purposes. In this study, a model, used for daily operational issues is concerned. Models results should be consistent with actual conditions for sound decisions during operational studies. Adjusting model parameters according to site measurements in order to fit the model to obtain realistic results is known as calibration. Researchers have carried out numerous studies on calibration and developed various methods. In this study, an actual network (N8.3 Pressure Zone, Ankara) has been calibrated by two classical methods developed by Walski (1983) and Bhave (1988). The network parameter calibrated in this study is Hazen-Williams roughness coefficient, C-factor, and other parameters have been lumped in the C-factor. Results of the analysis showed that, C-factors have been found in a wide range.
Citation Formats
K. Ar, “Calibration of water distribution networks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.