Travelling/writing/drawing: Karl Friedrich Schinkel's architectural journey to İtaly (1824)

Baran, Mustafa Kemal
This study is an attempt to explore the multifarious aspects of Karl Friedrich Schinkel‟s second journey to Italy in 1824. Instead of searching for direct correlations between the journey and the later architectural projects of, arguably the most prominent and influential architect of nineteenth-century Germany, it focuses on the travelling experience itself by following his route of some major Italian cities, including Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice. On this premise, the materials that he left behind from the journey, such as his travel diaries, letters, sketches and drawings will be used as the primary sources, since they give first-hand insights on the questions, ranging from where he went and stayed to what he saw, from what he ate to whom he spoke with, from what he heard to what he felt. While trying to answer such questions, the study will narrate the story of the journey through the eyes and pen of Schinkel In the second stage of the study, his journey to Italy in 1824 will be contextualized in relation to his other journeys to Italy between 1803 and 1804 and to France and Great Britain in 1826. While the focus will be still on his travelling experience, his v particular ways of looking/viewing/recording will be especially dwelled upon to reveal the visuality of his journey. As a result of this two-fold analysis, the study aims to shed light to that brief but crucial period of Schinkel‟s life to be able to show its role not only in his career as an architect and artist but also in the history of architectural travelling.
Citation Formats
M. K. Baran, “Travelling/writing/drawing: Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s architectural journey to İtaly (1824),” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2011.