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Effect of process parameters on mechanical properties of high pressure die cast magnesium AZ91 components

Okcu, Işık Yılmaz
Before beginning the experimental work of this study, a magnesium high pressure die casting facility is set up to manufacture magnesium cast parts for defence industry. In this thesis two components are cold chamber high pressure die casted using magnesium alloy AZ91 as raw material, and one component was manufactured using both aluminium alloy A.413, and magnesium alloy AZ91. Mechanical properties of high pressure die casting parts depend on various parameters such as, thickness of the cast part, position of the cast part in the cavity, molten metal temperature, die temperature, piston speeds, and injection pressure. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of section thickness of the cast part, position of the cast part in the die cavity, piston speeds, and molten metal temperature on mechanical properties of magnesium die cast parts. Tensile properties of products from Al A.413 and Mg AZ91 alloys are also compared. Casting analysis software is used to simulate filling and temperature evolution of three different casting components. Piston speeds are first calculated from equations in the literature and then verified by using the software. Specimens for microstructural investigation, and mechanical tests are machined directly from the mass produced parts. Optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy investigations are carried out for grain size and porosity determination. Tensile tests are conducted for yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and % elongation values. The results of casting analysis software simulations, grains size investigations, porosity investigations, and tensile tests are correlated to each other. Optimum piston speeds, optimum molten metal temperatures are observed, effect of grain size and porosity concentrations on the effect of mechanical properties are vi compared. Weight of cast parts produced from Mg AZ91 are 35 % lower than that of Al A.413 parts. However, ultimate tensile strength of the cast parts produced from Mg AZ91 are found to be similar to the aluminium parts.