The differentiation of emotions of guilt and shame in the adolescents with maternal breast cancer

Kaçmaz, Lale Belgü
This study aimed at revealing and differentiating the emotions of shame and guilt felt by the adolescents with maternal cancer. In order to reveal and differentiate these emotions, a sentence completion task and interviews were used. The study was conducted on 10 adolescents in age range of 16-20. With each participant, four private sessions were made. In the first session, the participant’s knowledge of his/her mother’s condition was evaluated through the Sentence Completion Test. In the second session, Pandora’s Box, a film by Yeşim Ustaoğlu was watched with the participant to understand if the film evoked the targeted emotions and the second format of Sentence Completion Test was given. In the third session, 20 minute interviews were conducted with the participant, privately. These interviews were called “interventions” because they aimed to intervene to the process of feeling guilty and ashamed and replace them with a positive self-conscious emotion pride. The fourth and final session was conducted after one week and aimed to check if the anticipated affect of film and interventions lasted. Only 3 participants out of 10 returned for the fourth session, so the fourth session was left out of the analysis. Two main analyses were conducted in the current study. The frequencies of shame and guilt were examined in the Sentence Completion Test analysis and the interviews were analysed qualitatively. The outcome resulted that in both Sentence Completion Test and interview analysis, the adolescents with maternal cancer revealed emotions of shame and guilt. Furthermore, in the Sentence Completion Test analysis, it was tested whether the frequency of emotions of shame and guilt increased or decreased by the intervention of the film and interviews and the outcome yielded that neither the film Pandora’s Box nor the interventions made any significant effect. The results were evaluated and the implications were discussed. Finally, limitations of the study and recommendations for future research were explained.
Citation Formats
L. B. Kaçmaz, “The differentiation of emotions of guilt and shame in the adolescents with maternal breast cancer,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.