Thermal analysis of stirling cycle regenerators

Özbay, Sercan
Stirling cycle cryocoolers are used widely in military applications. The regenerator is the key element of Stirling cycle cryocoolers. It is known that performance of the regenerator directly affects the cryocooler performance. Therefore, any improvement on the regenerator will lead to a more efficient cryocooler. Thus, it is essential to have an idea about regenerator parameters and their effects on the system. In this study Stirling engine regenerator, which is constructed by wire mesh screens, is accepted as a porous medium. Using energy balance and continuity equation, matrix and fluid thermal equations are derived. Simplified versions of these equations are obtained for not only the ideal case, but also two other cases which take into account the effects of longitudinal conduction and the effects of regenerator wall. A computer code is developed in Matlab to solve these equations using finite difference method. The developed code is validated by using Sage. Afterwards, effects of all regenerator parameters on regenerator performance are investigated in detail and results are presented. To make this investigation easier, a graphical user interface is also built (in Matlab) and used.
Citation Formats
S. Özbay, “Thermal analysis of stirling cycle regenerators,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.