Development of the methodology for the synthesis of bis-aminoinositols

Çokol, Nalan Korkmaz
Cyclitols are cyclic compounds having hydroxyl groups which attached to different carbons on the ring. Cyclitols have attracted a great deal of attention for having diverse biological activities. Cyclic alcohols play an important role in biological processes such as inhibition of glycosidase, cellular recognition, and signal transduction. In addition to this, these compounds are very important molecules due to being capable of using while synthesizing natural products or pharmaceuticals. In this study, development of new methodology for the synthesis of bis-aminoinositol derivatives was aimed. The starting material, cis-diester, was synthesized from the Diels-Alder reaction of furan and maleic anhydride followed by reaction with MeOH. As a second key compound, trans-diester was obtained from the Diels-Alder reaction of furan and fumaryl chloride followed by esterification. The diester functionality in these two compounds was planned to be converted into the hydrazide upon treatment with hydrazine monohydrate. Before this reaction, double bond was protected via stereo selective oxidation reaction with m-CPBA due to preventing retro Diels-Alder reaction. Then, hydrazide functionality was converted into acyl azide through β-nitroso hydrazide intermediate. Subsequent Curtius rearrangement reaction resulted in the formation of the isocyanate which was converted to the corresponding bis-urethane by treatment with MeOH. Attempt to cleave the oxa-bridge in urethane with sulfamic acid provided the unexpected tricyclic product 148. Furthermore, hydrolysis of isocyanate with aqueous HCl formed the diamine 156. However, O-bridge could not be opened with any reagents used for that of urethane derivative as described above. Then,the cis-diol 157 was synthesized to prevent the neighboring group participitation during the epoxide-opening reaction. Further ring-opening reactions are under investigation.
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N. K. Çokol, “Development of the methodology for the synthesis of bis-aminoinositols,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.