A new framework for evaluation of field based academic performances of higher education institutions

Ömrüuzun, Fatih
Measurement and evaluation of academic performance is an highly debated research area and results of the studies in this area are closely followed by a large segment of the society. In general, researches conducted in this domain evaluate higher education institutions as a whole, but such an approach actually represents an average performance of the research fields, which are actively studied by the members of institutions. This may be misleading, because academic performance varies for each university depending on the field of research. However, people who are interested in the results of these studies require more detailed information about field based academic performances of institutions. One of these studies mentioned above have been implemented in 2011 by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) research laboratory which was established in Middle East Technical University - Informatics Institute. In this study, 2000 universities around the world have been ranked according to multiple criteria in terms of overall academic performance. Interests shown to results of the system implemented by URAP revealed a need for a more comprehensive ranking system, which deals with the evaluation of field based academic performance. In this sense, within the scope of this study, universities ranked by URAP research laboratory were evaluated in terms of their academic performance in the following six research fields; Agriculture \& Environmental Sciences (AGE) Clinical Medicine (MED) Engineering, Computing \& Technology (ENG) Life Sciences (LIFE) Natural Sciences (SCI) Social Sciences (SOC) Institutions in this study has been evaluated according to data that have been collected from ISI - Web of Knowledge for the indicators listed below. Article Count (last year) Total Document Count (last 5 years) Cumulative Journal Impact (last 5 years) Total Citation Count (last 5 years) H-Index (average of last 5 years) The results indicate that status of universities from the point of academic performance varies according to the research field.


A Model for Doctoral Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Written Feedback for Academic Writing
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F. Ömrüuzun, “A new framework for evaluation of field based academic performances of higher education institutions,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.