A verification approach for dynamics of metamodel based conceptual models of the mission space

Eryılmaz, Utkan
Conceptual models were introduced in the simulation world in order to describe the problem domain in detail before any implementation is attempted. One of the recent approaches for conceptual modeling of the military mission space is the KAMA approach which provides a process description, a UML based notation, and a supporting tool for developing conceptual models. The prominence of the approach stems from availability of guidance and applications in real life case studies. Although the credibility of a conceptual model can be leveraged through use of a structured notation and tools, the verification and validation activities must be performed to arrive at more credible conceptual models. A conceptual model includes two categories of information: static and dynamic. The dynamic information describes the changes that occur over time. In this study, the dynamic characteristics of the conceptual models described in KAMA notation are explored and a verification approach based on these is proposed. The dynamical aspects of KAMA notation and example conceptual models provide the necessary information for characterization of the dynamical properties of conceptual models. Using these characteristics as a basis, an approach is formulated that consists of formal and semiformal techniques as well as supporting tools. For description of additional properties for dynamic verification, an extended form of KAMA is developed, called the KAMA-DV notation. The approach is applied on two different real-life case studies and its effectiveness is compared with earlier verification studies.
Citation Formats
U. Eryılmaz, “A verification approach for dynamics of metamodel based conceptual models of the mission space,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2011.