Stochastic modeling of electricity markets

Talaslı, İrem
Day-ahead spot electricity markets are the most transparent spot markets where one can find integrated supply and demand curves of the market players for each settlement period. Since it is an indicator for the market players and regulators, in this thesis we model the spot electricity prices. Logarithmic daily average spot electricity prices are modeled as a summation of a deterministic function and multi-factor stochastic process. Randomness in the spot prices is assumed to be governed by three jump processes and a Brownian motion where two of the jump processes are mean reverting. While the Brownian motion captures daily regular price movements, the pure jump process models price shocks which have long term effects and two Ornstein Uhlenbeck type jump processes with different mean reversion speeds capturing the price shocks that affect the price level for relatively shorter time periods. After removing the seasonality which is modeled as a deterministic function from price observations, an iterative threshold function is used to filter the jumps. The threshold function is constructed on volatility estimation generated by a GARCH(1,1) model. Not only the jumps but also the mean reverting returns following the jumps are filtered. Both of the filtered jump processes and residual Brownian components are estimated separately. The model is applied to Austrian, Italian, Spanish and Turkish electricity markets data and it is found that the weekly forecasts, which are generated by the estimated parameters, turn out to be able to capture the characteristics of the observations. After examining the future contracts written on electricity, we also suggest a decision technique which is built on risk premium theory. With the help of this methodology derivative market players can decide on taking whether a long or a short position for a given contract. After testing our technique, we conclude that the decision rule is promising but needs more empirical research.
Citation Formats
İ. Talaslı, “Stochastic modeling of electricity markets,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.