Capacity trading in electricity markets

Çubuklu, Ömer
In electricity markets, capacity cost must be determined in order to make capacity trading. In this thesis, capacity cost and the factors deriving the capacity cost are studied. First, fixed capacity cost of power plants is examined. Direct and indirect costs of fixed capacity cost are detailed with respect to different types of power plants and the impact of these factors to the capacity cost is given. Second, interconnection and system utilization costs of transmission and distribution system are considered in order to simulate energy flow from the producer to the customer. Finally, a capacity cost calculation program is practiced. By the help of this program, capacity cost of power plants is figured out, different cases are compared and the main factors affecting the capacity cost are discussed in detail.


Stochastic modeling of electricity markets
Talaslı, İrem; Hayfavi, Azize; Department of Financial Mathematics (2012)
Day-ahead spot electricity markets are the most transparent spot markets where one can find integrated supply and demand curves of the market players for each settlement period. Since it is an indicator for the market players and regulators, in this thesis we model the spot electricity prices. Logarithmic daily average spot electricity prices are modeled as a summation of a deterministic function and multi-factor stochastic process. Randomness in the spot prices is assumed to be governed by three jump proce...
Day ahead markets
Kütaruk, Kaan; Sevaioğlu, Osman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2013)
Day Ahead Market is a mechanism in electricity markets for adjusting the supply-demand energy and capacity balance by providing bids one day before the clearing. Market operator needs to know the available energy and capacity for reaching minimal-cost supply-demand balance one day earlier than the market has been cleared. Minimizing cost of the electricity and capacity during 24 hours of a day requires accurate information concerning the available electricity and capacity. Day-ahead marketing activity is pe...
On the parametric and nonparametric prediction methods for electricity load forecasting
Erişen, Esra; İyigün, Cem; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
Accurate electricity load forecasting is of great importance in deregulated electricity markets. Market participants can reap significant financial benefits by improving their electricity load forecasts. Electricity load exhibits a complex time series structure with nonlinear relationships between the variables. Hence, new models with higher capabilities to capture such nonlinear relationships need to be developed and tested. In this thesis, we present a parametric and a nonparametric method for short-term ...
Losses in electric distribution system
Özel, Kerem; Özay, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the technical losses in Electric Distribution Systems, the sources of the losses, minimum levels of the losses, ways to decrease the losses and current applications in Turkey. The wrong and weak parts of the current applications are determined and emphasized. Ways to decrease losses in Distribution Systems are advised. The energy resources in the world are decreasing rapidly. There is a rapid growth in consumption. It is a must to use existing resources in most effic...
Performance based ratemaking in electric distribution services
Uğuz, Mustafa; Sevaioğlu, Osman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
Regulation is one of the main elements in electric distribution services. The objective of the regulation is to maintain the balance between the rates and the service quality of electric distribution on behalf of both utilities and customers. In rapidly changing world the regulation regimes are also changing .In this thesis, an increasingly implemented regulation model in electric distribution, performance based ratemaking is studied. Its advantages and disadvantages, implementing methods and its quality ef...
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Ö. Çubuklu, “Capacity trading in electricity markets,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.