Implementation of a low-cost smart camera apllication on a cots system

Baykent, Hayri Kerem
The objective of this study is to implement a low-cost smart camera application on a Commercial off the Shelf system that is based on Texas Instrument’s DM3730 System on Chip processor. Although there are different architectures for smart camera applications, ARM plus DSP based System on Chip architecture is selected for implementation because of its different core abilities. Beagleboard-XM platform that has an ARM plus DSP based System on Chip processor is chosen as Commercial off the Shelf platform. During this thesis, firstly to start-up the Commercial off the Shelf platform the design steps of porting an embedded Linux to ARM core of System on Chip processor is described. Then design steps that are necessary for implementation of smart camera applications on both ARM and DSP cores in parallel are given in detail. Furthermore, the real-time image processing performance of the Beagleboard-xM platform for the smart camera applications is evaluated with simple implementations.


Implementation of a perfect metamaterial absorber into multi-functional sensor applications
Perfect metamaterial absorber (MA)-based sensor applications are presented and investigated tigated in the microwave frequency range. It is also experimentally analyzed and tested to verify the behavior of the MA. Suggested perfect MA -based sensor has a simple configuration which introduces flexibility to sense the dielectric properties of a material and the pressure of the medium. The investigated applications include pressure and density sensing. Besides, numerical simulations verify that the suggested s...
Application and Modeling of a Magnetic WSN for Target Localization
Baghaee, Sajjad; GÜRBÜZ, SEVGİ ZÜBEYDE; Uysal, Elif (2013-04-12)
The aim of this study is modeling ferromagnetic targets for localization and identification of such objects by a wireless sensor network (WSN). MICAz motes were used for setting up a wireless sensor network utilizing a centralized tree-based system. The detection and tracking of ferromagnetic objects is an important application of WSNs. This research focuses on analyzing the sensing limitations of magnetic sensors via tests conducted on small-scale targets which are moving within a 30 cm radius around the s...
Effective Use of Low Power Heterogeneous Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks for Surveillance Applications Using IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol
Kenges, Nurdaulet; Ever, Enver; Yazıcı, Adnan (2021-01-01)
With the recent technological advancements in video sensors, digital signal processing units and digital radio interfaces, low-cost devices such as Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) became an important part of surveillance applications. The scarcity of resources for these devices introduces new challenges in terms of energy consumption, and Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. One of the challenges is processing and transmission of large volumes of multimedia data. In this paper, the efficiency of...
Implementation of a data acquisition system for contactless conductivity imaging
Ulker, B; Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (2002-09-01)
A data acquisition system is realized for conductivity imaging via contactless measurements. It is observed that field profiles are good representatives of the conductive objects scanned by the measurement system. Three different data sets are taken with different scanning resolutions. Note that although the scanning resolution is decreased 25 times, it is still possible to observe the conductive object. The data acquisition time is due to the data acquisition time limit of the lock-in amplifier. As might b...
Advanced Design of Schottky Photodiodes in Bulk CMOS for High Speed Optical Receivers
Orsel, Ogulcan Emre; Erdil, Mertcan; Kocaman, Serdar (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-02-01)
This paper provides theoretical insight on how circular Schottky photodiodes in bulk CMOS can be optimized for certain integrated receiver applications. An optimal photodiode size is analytically demonstrated and the effects of a metal plate reflector are simulated using a transfer-matrix method, both for frontside and backside illumination. Finally, a distributed circuit model is presented, which deviates from the classical lumped model for large photodiodes or sheet resistances. The presented methodologie...
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H. K. Baykent, “Implementation of a low-cost smart camera apllication on a cots system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.