Dynamic simulation of shaking table tests for a shearwall building having torsion

Nazırzadeh, Saeıdeh
Simulating the non-linear response of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings subjected to a sequence of input earthquake records, is an extremely complex concern in the field of the Earthquake Engineering. Buildings with no symmetry in plan have much more complicated behavior under earthquake effects than symmetric buildings. Torsional irregularity in plan is the main topic of many current researches. In previous decades, considerable amount of numerical and experimental studies have been conducted, but more researches are needed in order to confirm a better understanding of the concept of seismic behavior of these structures. In this study modeling and analyses efforts to simulate the experimental response of a scaled three dimensional reinforced concrete shear wall structure tested on a shaking table, are presented. The model structure is a ¼ scale of a three story reinforced concrete building that has torsion due to plan irregularity and layout of structural walls. In order to simulate response quantities measured for the specimen tested on a shaking table, a series of non-linear time history analyses were performed. This structure subjected to AZALEE shaking table tests in Saclay, France under the project of “SMART 2008” which was led by CEA (Atomic energy agency). The model building was tested under a set of bi-directional synthetic and real ground motions that have varying intensities, peak ground accelerations ranging from 0.1g to 1g. Ground motions were applied sequentially to the specimen, starting with the one having the smallest intensity. Displacements and accelerations measured at different locations on the plan at third story were compared with the numerically computed values in order to check the validity of the Finite Element Model that has been obtained in ANSYS ver.12.1.
Citation Formats
S. Nazırzadeh, “Dynamic simulation of shaking table tests for a shearwall building having torsion,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.