Investigation of the use of sandwich materials in automotive body structures

Hara, Deniz
The use of sandwich structures in automobile body panels is investigated in this thesis. The applications on vehicles such as trains, aeroplanes and automobiles, advantages, isadvantages and modelling of sandwich structures are discussed and studies about static, vibrational and acoustic benefits of sandwich structures by several authors are presented. The floor, luggage, firewall and rear wheel panels in sheet metal form is replaced with panel made from sandwich materials in order to reduce the weight obtained by a trial and error based optimization method by keeping the same bending stiffness performance. In addition to these, the use of sandwich structures over free layer surface damping treatments glued on floor panel to decrease the vibration levels and air-borne noise inside the cabin is investigated. It has been proven that, the same vibration performance of both flat beam and floor panel can be obtained using sandwich structures instead of free layer surface damping treatments with a less weight addition. Furthermore, the damping effect of sandwich structures on sound transmission loss of complex shaped panels like floor panel is investigated. A 2D flat and curved panel representing the floor panel of FIAT Car model are analysed in a very large frequency range. Four different loss factors are applied on these panels and it is seen that, until it reaches damping controlled region, damping has a very little effect on TL of flat panels but has an obvious damping effect on TL of curved panels. However in that region, damping has an increasing effect on TL of both flat and curved panels.


Investigation of weight reduction of automotive body structures with the use of sandwich materials
Hara, Deniz; Özgen, Gökhan Osman (Elsevier BV; 2016-04-21)
The use of sandwich materials in automobile body panels is investigated in this study. In the first part, floor, luggage, firewall and rear wheel panels of a car body-in-white are replaced with panels made of sandwich materials in order to reduce the weight. Final sandwich material configurations are obtained through a trial and error based optimization approach where weights of the panels are minimized while keeping bending stiffness performances of the panels same. In the second part, the use of sandwich ...
Emotional effects of car passenger activities on physiology and comfort : an empirical study
Kruithof, Aernout; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs; Visch, Valentjin; Department of Industrial Design (2012)
There are lots of elements involved in the design of a car. This study, which is inspired by the brief of BMW group, explores the seating unit of cars with regard to prototypical activities, such as, listening to music, working, looking outside etc. The current study proposes that these external stimuli have an effect on comfort experience and felt emotions. So, this study explores the relationship between types of music and activities typically performed by car passengers and emotion and comfort perception...
Determination of minimum doubler length for tapered sandwich structures
Altun, Aslıhan; Yaman, Yavuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2019)
Sandwich structures are widely used in aerospace industry due to their structural efficiency. In order to connect the sandwich structures to the adjacent parts, monolithic region is necessary. Because of the design requirements and strength necessities, this monolithic region must be strengthened. This reinforcement is provided by doublers [26]. In order to retain the weight advantage of sandwich structures, doubler span length must be minimum that keeps the core flatwise tension stress below the core allow...
An algorithm for the capacitated vehicle routing problem with time windows
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D. Hara, “Investigation of the use of sandwich materials in automotive body structures,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.