Accomodating Diversity Within Feminism İn Turkey : The Amargi Women’s Cooperative, 2001-2011

Özakın, Ayşe Ülkü
In this thesis, Amargi Women’s Cooperative in Istanbul is studied as an example of diversity feminism in Turkey. Its feminist perspective and challenges faced in realizing its objectives in this context are analyzed based on a description of the process of Amargi’s formation, the course of its activities and the debates within the group and especially the in-depth interviews held with ten volunteers. The group’s accomplishments and problems encountered during the last ten years in its quest for “doing politics together with women of diverse identities” are at the focus of this research. The explicit invitation for diversity is one of the Amargi’s differences, as one of the prominent feminist groups in Turkey. In this study, “transversal politics” is identified as the concept underscoring Amargi’s approach to feminism. Difference and diversity among women are emphasized according to ‘dialogical-situated epistemology’ and antimilitarist politics conducted in the Turkish context.