Ontology based text mining in turkish radiology reports

Deniz, Onur
Vast amount of radiology reports are produced in hospitals. Being in free text format and having errors due to rapid production, it continuously gets more complicated for radiologists and physicians to reach meaningful information. Though application of ontologies into bio-medical text mining has gained increasing interest in recent years, less work has been offered for ontology based retrieval tasks in Turkish language. In this work, an information extraction and retrieval system based on SNOMED-CT ontology has been proposed for Turkish radiology reports. Main purpose of this work is to utilize semantic relations in ontology to improve precision and recall rates of search results in domain. Practical problems encountered such as spelling errors, segmentation and tokenization of unstructured medical reports has also been addressed during the work.
Citation Formats
O. Deniz, “Ontology based text mining in turkish radiology reports,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.