Development and implementation of an online video enhanced case-based learning environment for teacher education

Saltan, Fatih
The main purpose of this study was to design and develop a suitable and authentic online case-based learning environment for the classroom management course and to investigate the preservice teachers’ learning experience in this environment specifically in terms of problems solving skills, motivation, study habits and self-confidence. Having this purpose in mind, action research method in the form of qualitative research methodology was conducted. The main characteristic of the action research is its active and practical nature. Action research has a spiral structure and continues through action cycles. In present study, three action cycles were conducted in a spiral process. The participants of the study were 32 Elementary Science Education students (7 males and 25 females) who were third-year and enrolled classroom management course. Before the implementation, the researcher analyzed current case-based learning environments and methods in teacher education and developed the first version of the VOCABLE. During the implementation the researcher, as the assistant instructor of the course, led VOCABLE practices and made necessary revisions on VOCABLE. Through action cycles data were collected by group interviews, personal interviews, video records of the implementations, expectation and evaluation questionnaires, VOCABLE logs and, electronic posts. The data were analyzed by using descriptive and content v analysis techniques. Results showed that VOCABLE solved the preservice teachers practice problem in classroom management course. Specifically, VOCABLE contributed preservice teachers’ problem solving abilities, motivation and self-confidence. Also it helped them to be used to teaching profession. On the other hand VOCABLE did not affect their study habits.


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F. Saltan, “Development and implementation of an online video enhanced case-based learning environment for teacher education,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.