The Understanding of nomativity and free will in games: a developmental study on 2- and 3- year old Turkish children

Tunçgenç, Bahar
This study investigated the understanding of normativity and free will from a developmental perspective. Being a new field of investigation, there is not much research conducted which points to different aspects of normativity. Current study, therefore, aimed to assess Turkish children’s normative development on a sample of 2 and 3 years old in the context of games. It was expected, first, that children would show more protest when there is a norm violation. Moreover, older children would show more normative protest than younger ones. The results confirmed these hypotheses. In a second study, it was investigated whether the actor’s being free to act as s/he wills versus constrained so that cannot act otherwise had an effect on children’s protest in response to norm violations. It was hypothesized that a decrease in normative reactions and an increase in help responses would be observed. No age effect for help responses was expected. The results of this study did not reveal any decrease in normative reactions, but there was an increase in help responses regardless of the age.


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B. Tunçgenç, “The Understanding of nomativity and free will in games: a developmental study on 2- and 3- year old Turkish children,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.