FMDBMS - a fuzzy MPEG-7 database management system

Erçin, Nazif İlker
Continuous progress in multimedia research in recent years have led to proliferation of their applications in everyday life. The ever-growing demand in high performance multimedia applications creates the need for new and efficient storage and retrieval techniques. There exist numerous studies in the literature attempting to describe the content of these multimedia documents. Moving Picture Experts Group’s XML based MPEG-7 is one of these studies that makes it possible to describe multimedia content in terms of both low and high level properties. MPEG-7 DDL allows defining new types using already defined types. Within the past ten years, it became a widely accepted standard in multimedia applications. In this thesis, an XML database application is developed to manage MPEG-7 descriptions, utilizing eXist XML DB as the database management system and a JAVA application as the frontend. MPEG-7 Description Schemes are extended by introducing fuzzy semantic types, such as FuzzyObject and FuzzyEvent, using the MPEG-7 DDL. From this point of view, the application of fuzzy XML methods in MPEG-7 standard is a novel approach.


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N. İ. Erçin, “FMDBMS - a fuzzy MPEG-7 database management system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.