Location analysis of the mobile/24 emergency service vehicles of a case company

Yetkin, Raife Meltem
The aim of this study is planning the locations of emergency centers (ECs) as well as the number of vehicles in each EC of Corporation, Man Truck and Bus Group, to respond to the calls (arrival of the mobile/24 emergency service vehicle to the broken vehicle) within the desired time. The company aims to respondto the calls within 90 minutes. If the EC cannot respond to the calls within 90 minutes, they should be satisfiedwithin 180 minutes. We propose a probabilistic programming approach to maximize the number of responded calls in 90 minutes while responding to all the calls in 180 minutes. The model determines the locations of the new ECs addition to the existing ones and also the number of vehicles assigned to those centers. The data source to this study is the emergency service calls of the company within February 2008 and December 2010. There are 30 ECs of the company distributed all over Turkey. By using the data, it is examined if the company can get closer to its target in responding to the calls with the current ECs. Necessary changes are proposed in the number and the locations of emergency centers for the desired target. Furthermore, several scenarios for targets with different quality service levels are generated and the effects of these parameters on the objective are observed.
Citation Formats
R. M. Yetkin, “Location analysis of the mobile/24 emergency service vehicles of a case company,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.