Two studies on backward stochastic differential equations

Tunç, Vildan
Backward stochastic differential equations appear in many areas of research including mathematical finance, nonlinear partial differential equations, financial economics and stochastic control. The first existence and uniqueness result for nonlinear backward stochastic differential equations was given by Pardoux and Peng (Adapted solution of a backward stochastic differential equation. System and Control Letters, 1990). They looked for an adapted pair of processes {x(t); y(t)}; t is in [0; 1]} with values in Rd and Rd×k respectively, which solves an equation of the form: x(t) + int_t^1 f(s,x(s),y(s))ds + int_t^1 [g(s,x(s)) + y(s)]dWs = X. This dissertation studies this paper in detail and provides all the steps of the proofs that appear in this seminal paper. In addition, we review (Cvitanic and Karatzas, Hedging contingent claims with constrained portfolios. The annals of applied probability, 1993). In this paper, Cvitanic and Karatzas studied the following problem: the hedging of contingent claims with portfolios constrained to take values in a given closed, convex set K. Processes intimately linked to BSDEs naturally appear in the formulation of the constrained hedging problem. The analysis of Cvitanic and Karatzas is based on a dual control problem. One of the contributions of this thesis is an algorithm that numerically solves this control problem in the case of constant volatility. The algorithm is based on discretization of time. The convergence proof is also provided.


Differential equations with discontinuities and population dynamics
Aruğaslan Çinçin, Duygu; Akhmet, Marat; Department of Mathematics (2009)
In this thesis, both theoretical and application oriented results are obtained for differential equations with discontinuities of different types: impulsive differential equations, differential equations with piecewise constant argument of generalized type and differential equations with discontinuous right-hand sides. Several qualitative problems such as stability, Hopf bifurcation, center manifold reduction, permanence and persistence are addressed for these equations and also for Lotka-Volterra predator-...
Advances in optimal control of markov regime-switching models with applications in finance and economics
Savku, Emel; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Department of Financial Mathematics (2017)
We study stochastic optimal control problems of finance and economics in a Markov regime-switching jump-diffusion market with and without delay component in the dynamics of our model. We formulate portfolio optimization problems as a two player zero-sum and a two player nonzero-sum stochastic differential games. We provide an extension of Dynkin formula to present the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs equations in such a more general setting. We illustrate our results for a nonzero-sum stochastic differential ...
Backward stochastic differential equations and Feynman-Kac formula in the presence of jump processes
İncegül Yücetürk, Cansu; Yolcu Okur, Yeliz; Hayfavi, Azize; Department of Financial Mathematics (2013)
Backward Stochastic Differential Equations (BSDEs) appear as a new class of stochastic differential equations, with a given value at the terminal time T. The application area of the BSDEs is conceptually wide which is known only for forty years. In financial mathematics, El Karoui, Peng and Quenez have a fundamental and significant article called “Backward Stochastic Differential Equations in Finance” (1997) which is taken as a groundwork for this thesis. In this thesis we follow the following steps: Firstl...
Advances and applications of stochastic Ito-Taylor approximation and change of time method in the financial sector
Öz, Hacer; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Department of Financial Mathematics (2013)
In this thesis, we discuss two different approaches for the solution of stochastic differential equations (SDEs): Ito-Taylor method (IT-M) and change of time method (CT-M). First approach is an approximation in space-domain and the second one is a probabilistic transformation in time-domain. Both approaches may be considered to substitute SDEs for more “practical” representations and solutions. IT-M was most studied for one-dimensional SDEs. The main aim of this work is to extend the theory of one-dimension...
Advanced Mathematical Methods of Financial Risk Management Investigated and Solved by New Methods of Stochastic Calculus, Mathematical Statistics and Optimization
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm(2010-12-31)
Advanced Mathematical Methods of Financial Risk Management Investigated and Solved by New Methods of Stochastic Calculus, Mathematical Statistics and Optimization
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V. Tunç, “Two studies on backward stochastic differential equations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.