Production and characterization of CaNi₅-xMx compounds for metal hydride batteries

Muğan, Orkun
Ni - MH batteries have superior properties which are long cycle life, low maintenance, high power, light weight, good thermal performance and configurable design. Hydrogen storage alloys play a dominant role in power service life of a Ni - MH battery and determining the electrochemical properties of the battery. LaNi5, belonging to the CaCu5 crystal structure type, satisfy many of the properties. The most important property of LaNi5 is fast hydrogen kinetics. Recently, CaNi5, belonging to same crystal type, has taken some attention due to its low cost, higher hydrogen storage capacity, good kinetic properties. However, the main restriction of its use is its very low cycle life. The aim of the study is to obtain a more stable structure providing higher cycle life by the addition of different alloying elements. In this study, the effect of sixteen alloying elements (Mn, Sm, Sn, Al, Y, Cu, Si, Zn, Cr, Mg, Fe, Dy, V, Ti, Hf and Er) on cycle life was investigated. Sm, Y, Dy, Ti, Hf and Er were added for replacement of Ca and Mn, Sn, Al, Cu, Si, Zn, Cr, Mg, Fe and V were added for replacement of Ni. Alloys were produced by vacuum casting and heat treating followed by ball milling. The cells assembled, using the produced active materials as anode, which were cycled for charging and discharging. As a result, replacement of Ca with Hf, Ti, Dy and Er, and replacement of Ni with Si and Mn were observed to show better cycle durability rather than pure CaNi5.
Citation Formats
O. Muğan, “Production and characterization of CaNi₅-xMx compounds for metal hydride batteries,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.