Opportunities and barriers of architect led design build projects

Deniz, Ayça
From past to today, technological developments have resulted in new systems in parallel with digital age. Innovations have been started to be replaced with the traditional solutions. Standardizations have also started to be renewed in accordance with the high technology and complexity of the projects. Under these circumstances, design and construction activities have been separated in the construction industry. As a result, alternative project delivery systems have been developed and selecting the right delivery system has gained importance depending upon the complexity of the projects The main objective of this study was to propose a model that supports architect’s leadership in design-build systems throughout an international airport project as a case study. Thus, construction industry will gain awareness for the organization structures in which architectural groups lead the other disciplines to achieve success in design-build systems considering time cost quality triangle. In this study, organization charts including project construction process and factors affecting design and construction activities were investigated. The matrix relationship in production level of the organization charts among the project disciplines has been analyzed. According to the evaluation of models reflecting the existing status, alternative models supporting architect’s leadership are proposed.
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A. Deniz, “Opportunities and barriers of architect led design build projects,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.