Road extraction from satellite images by self supervised classification and perceptual grouping

Şahin, Eda
Road network extraction from high resolution satellite imagery is the most frequently utilized technique for updating and correcting geographic information system (GIS) databases, registering multi-temporal images for change detection and automatically aligning spatial datasets. This advance method is widely employed due to the improvements in satellite technology such as development of new sensors for high resolution imagery. To avoid the cost of the human interaction, various automatic and semi-automatic road extraction methods are developed and proposed in the literature. The aim of this study is to develop a fully automatized method which can extract road networks by using the spectral and structural features of the roads. In order to achieve this goal we set various objectives and work them out one by one. First bjective is to obtain reliable road seeds, since they are crucial for determining road regions correctly in the classification step. Second objective is finding most onvenient features and classification method for the road extraction. The third objective is to locate road centerlines which are defines the road topology. A number of algorithms are developed and tested throughout the thesis to achieve these objectives and the advantages of the proposed ones are explained. The final version of the proposed algorithm is tested by three band (RGB) satellite images and the results are compared with other studies in the literature to illustrate the benefits of the proposed algorithm.
Citation Formats
E. Şahin, “Road extraction from satellite images by self supervised classification and perceptual grouping,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.