Environmental impact assessment law and practice : The EU and Turkey

Tekayak, Deniz
Since its introduction, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has become an important tool for planning, environmental management, environmental decision making and environmental preservation in European Union (EU) and in Turkey as well. This thesis provides an overview of the EU’s and Turkey’s EIA law and practice by discussing current transposition and implementation problems. After discussing socio-economic and cultural reasons which played significant role in transposition and practical application problems in the EU and in Turkey, the thesis lays down measures and mechanisms to improve the effective implementation of the EIA legislation both in Turkey and in the EU.


Substance flow analysis of mercury in Turkey for policy decision support
Civancık, Didem; Yetiş, Ülkü; Department of Environmental Engineering (2015)
Identification and quantification of mercury flows in Turkey is essential for better policy development regarding to the implementation of water-related legislation. To this end, in this study, substance flow analysis (SFA) of mercury in Turkey was conducted in order to identify and quantify mercury releases to different environmental compartments and help policy decision makers to better understand their options to reduce mercury flows. For the quantification of mercury flows, United Nations Environment Pr...
Soil erosion risk mapping using geographic information systems : a case study on Kocadere creek watershed, İzmir
Okalp, Kıvanç; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2005)
Soil erosion is a major global environmental problem that is increasing year by year in Turkey. Preventing soil erosion requires political, economic and technical actions; before these actions we must learn properties and behaviors of our soil resources. The aims of this study are to estimate annual soil loss rates of a watershed with integrated models within GIS framework and to map the soil erosion risk for a complex terrain. In this study, annual soil loss rates are estimated using the Universal Soil Los...
Assessment of the best available wastewater management techniques for a textile mill: cost and benefit analysis
Doğan, Buğçe; Yetiş, Ülkü; Department of Environmental Engineering (2008)
The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive from the European Union strives to achieve a high level of environmental protection by preventing or reducing the pollution emanating from industrial installations directly at the source. The Directive implies that the emission limit values should be set in accordance with each industry’s Best Available Techniques (BAT). In the present study, water recovery and wastewater treatability alternatives developed beforehand were evaluated towards th...
Pollution haven hypothesis and the role of dirty industries in Turkey's exports
Akbostancı Özkazanç, Elif; Tunç, Gül İpek (2007-04-01)
The pollution haven hypothesis maintains that the industries that are highly pollution intensive, i.e. dirty industries, have been migrating from developed economies to the developing world. It is argued that the environmental concerns of the developed economies caused them to enact strict environmental regulations, which have increased the cost of production of the dirty industries at home. On the other hand, the developing countries with their low wages and lax environmental regulations have been attracti...
Strategical environmental assessment (SEA) and a prototype approach for the integration of sea with strategic level planning in Turkey
Aydın, Mustafa; Pınarcıoğlu, Mehmet Melih; Department of City and Regional Planning (2003)
This study attempts to emphasize on the need for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) implementations for Turkey, particularly for strategic level planning activities. 1/25.000 scaled Territorial Plans are subject to be strategic level plans in Turkey since there are no regional plans developed in Turkey. Although these plans should carry the role of strategic decisions for the sector development of regions, they do not provide sufficient output for development for many reasons today. The aim of this th...
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D. Tekayak, “Environmental impact assessment law and practice : The EU and Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.