Actors of change: railway projects and urban architecture of Balkan cities in the late Ottoman period

Tozoğlu, Ahmet Erdem
This dissertation examines the catalyst and inducer role of the Ottoman Balkan railways network in the urban architecture of the four selected cities in the late Ottoman period. These are Dedeağaç, Edirne-Karaağaç, Selanik and Manastır of the Ottoman Balkans which are explored in the context of railway actorship. On the basis of a comprehensive archival research, the study focuses on three actor positions to explain the themes of change in the architectural and urban sphere; and they are the state, the international entrepreneurs and the locals. Within this framework, the cities are considered as the stage where these actors play their roles in the transformation of their urban architecture with the arrival of the railways. Although each case presents specific ways of change, there are also some common topics in a cross-cultural perspective.