Performance evaluation of a new cross layer protocol for sink powered underwater acoustic sensor networks

Türken, Hasan
The term Sink Powered Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (SPUASN) refers to a special configuration within the recent Remotely Powered Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (RPUASN) paradigm, where the data sink supplies energy to battery-free sensors that constitute the network. This thesis evaluates the performance of a new cross layer protocol, Cross Layer Power Adaptive CSMA/CA (X-PACCA), proposed for SPUASN. Simulation based performance evaluation is conducted both by investigating the effects of design parameters and by comparing with other protocols proposed for underwater sensor networks. Since X-PACCA is a cross layer protocol that integrates MAC, network and transport layer functionalities, comparisons are carried out separately by considering MAC and routing performance of the protocol in terms of end to end delay, packet delivery ratio and network throughput. This study also shows that, with appropriate selection of the protocol parameters, X-PACCA achieves low end-to-end delay, high packet delivery and high throughput performance.