Flexible u-shaped assembly line design problem

Oğan, Ayşe Dilek
This study considers a U-shaped assembly line where the operators are allowed to work on both legs of the U-shaped line. We assume that the number of workstations and the cycle time are fixed. Each task uses a specified set of equipments where each type of equipment has a specified cost. The problem is to assign the tasks together with their equipments to the workstations so as to minimize the total equipment cost. We propose a branch and bound algorithm that uses efficient precedence relations and lower bounds. We find that the algorithm is able to solve moderate size problem instances with up to 21 tasks-10 workstations and 30 tasks-8 workstations in reasonable time.
Citation Formats
A. D. Oğan, “Flexible u-shaped assembly line design problem,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.