The cost control applications in Turkish contracting sector

Nazlım, Barış


The performance evaluation and persistence of a type mutual funds in Turkey
Yalçın, Özge; Küçükkaya, Halit Engin; Department of Business Administration (2012)
Literature reveals studies on mutual fund performance analysis and persistency, with various results. Some studies support hort term performance persistence, while the rest claiming no such persistency among the portfolios. This thesis is an attempt to analyze the performances of Turkish open-end mutual funds for the period of 2003-2010 and search for persistency by extending the time period to June 2011. For performance evaluation, single factor CAPM and ama-French’s Three Factor Model are applied. Persist...
The effects of technoparks on higher education policies of Turkey as institutions of university industry relations
Yılık, Mehmet Ali; Kondakçı, Yaşar (null; 2015-10-14)
The Effects of Technoparks on Higher Education Policies of Turkey as an Institution of University Industry Relations
Yılık, Mehmet Ali; Kondakçı, Yaşar (2015-10-14)
The Function of AcademicInbreeding in Higher Education System
Göktürk Ağın, Duygun (2017-10-14)
The problem of harmonization of accounting in Turkey
Börekçi, Gonca; Göktan, Erkut; Department of Business Administration (1989)
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B. Nazlım, “The cost control applications in Turkish contracting sector,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.