A Methodology for cross-resolution modeling in DEVS using event-B refinement

Kara, Ahmet
This thesis proposes a software engineering solution for implementing simulations via composition of models at different resolution levels with the help of formal methods. Our solution provides a systematic methodology that offers a well-defined sequence of stages to obtain executable converters for entity resolution mapping, given the types of entity attributes that are exchanged at model interfaces and the mapping specifications. Our methodology relies on Event-B as the formal specification language and DEVS as the model composition framework; utilizes refinement relations between Event-B machines for specification, verification and generation of the data conversion steps between models, and employs a code generator that inputs Event-B machine definitions to generate converter code that connects two model ports. Resolution converters for model compositions allows an introduction to use of connector paradigm in modeling and simulation environment. We use our achievements in DEVS converters for implementing DEVS simulations in heterogeneous environments with the help of connectors in the sense of component based software engineering. This solution involves implementing connectors as atomic models to be used in mediation of data type and time resolution mismatches. Employing atomic models as connectors allows connector composition in the style of Reo and promotes higher level of reuse in simulation construction.
Citation Formats
A. Kara, “A Methodology for cross-resolution modeling in DEVS using event-B refinement,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.