A Model study on wave transmission through pile breakwaters

Bilici, Çağdaş
In the present study, wave transmission through pile breakwaters is examined experimentally. The experiments consist of eight model cases of set-up placed in three different wave flumes in Ocean Engineering Research Centre, Civil Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University with a model scale of 12.857. These experiments mainly focused on understanding how wave transmission changes under the influence of regular incident wave characteristics with different breakwater cross sections. Results are presented in graphical forms with incident wave steepness (Hi/Li) versus transmission coefficient (Kt) and discussed with respect to spacing between piles (b), incident wave approach angle (αi) and distance between rows of piles (B). According to the results of the experimental studies, transmission coefficient decreases with increasing incident wave steepness. For lower wave steepness range (Hi/Li<0.030), the transmission coefficients increase consistently with increasing pile spacing (b). However, in higher wave steepness range (Hi/Li>0.030), influence of vi pile spacing (b) on transmission coefficients diminishes for larger pile spacing values. Within the same wave steepness range (0.01-0.025), for the cases with relative pile spacing of b/D=0.11 and b/D=0.17, decreasing incident wave approach angles (α=90° to α=45°) do not affect transmission coefficients significantly. For the relative pile spacing of b/D=0.22, decrease in transmission coefficients reaches up to 25%. In a wave steepness range of 0.0250.03).


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Ç. Bilici, “A Model study on wave transmission through pile breakwaters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.