Development of pre-service science teachers’ nature of science views and nature of science instructional planning within a contextualized expilicit reflective approach

Bilican, Kader
The main focus of the study was to explore pre-service science teachers’ understanding of NOS and translation of this understanding into their instructional planning for teaching NOS within the contextualized explicit reflective NOS based approach. The study, first investigated pre-service science teachers’ development of NOS views as a result of explicit reflective NOS instruction in the context of HOS based science method course, which was designed to improve pre-service science teachers’ both NOS views and NOS related instructional practices. Second, the present dissertation aimed to explore pre-service science teachers’ trajectory progress of translation of NOS views into instructional planning. Seven volunteer pre-service science teachers were the participants of the study. An interpretive qualitative research was embodied as a research design for the current study. Data were collected by means of open ended questionnaire in conjunction with interviews, student journals and lesson plans and interviews. All of the participants achieved informed understanding almost for all NOS aspects. All participants achieved mostly informed views of NOS for various aspects at the end of the science methods course. None of the participants revealed inadequate understanding for any NOS issues at the end of the NOS intervention. Regarding development of NOS instructional planning, most of them provide NOS objectives, explicit reflective NOS instructional planning and some assessment strategies specific to NOS. Participants were attributed to their development for instructional planning NOS to several sources provided through the course. Mostly they perceived lesson plan presentations followed by discussions as main source contributing their NOS instructional planning.


Antecedents of nature of science teaching intention: testing the applicability of the theory of planned behavior
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K. Bilican, “Development of pre-service science teachers’ nature of science views and nature of science instructional planning within a contextualized expilicit reflective approach,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.