Stability investigation of Eti borax mine Hisarcık tailing dam using finite element analysis

Mokhtari, Pozhhan
Today, with modern technological developments, the need for raw materials has also increased, which resulted in the development of mining industry. Therefore, there should be a plan for tailing storage and constructing a reliable tailing dam to store waste materials. In this study, the current and reckoning condition of the height rising in Hisarcik tailing dam is investigated for any potential stability problems. This tailing dam is one of the main tailing impoundments in Emet Borax mine, which is located within the province of Kütahya. The required data and input parameters were obtained from the literatures and the previous site investigation report, which was prepared by one of the civil engineering research groups at JMS (Jeoloji Mühendislik Sondaj) under the supervision of ETIMINE design department. This analysis is based on the finite element method conducted via PHASE 2 v.8.01 modeling software. The results represent the dam stability estimations and recommendations.


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P. Mokhtari, “Stability investigation of Eti borax mine Hisarcık tailing dam using finite element analysis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.