A Methodology for utilizing descriptive process models for execution

Çelik, Makbulke Filiz
Process models are in the center of unifying various views enhancing organizational e fficiency. In its current state, di fferent models are produced for di fferent purposes for the same processes. This diversity results in redundancy for modeling e fforts and inconsistencies among various models. This study proposes a methodology for organizations to perform business process modeling in a way that produced models can be used both for process description and process execution. Instead of producing di fferent models for process definition and process execution, our methodology focuses on the idea that a single process model can be utilized for both purposes. Each modeling purpose has its own perspective which enables modelers to focus on relevant aspects of the model. Our method guides the modelers with the order of modeling activities as well as the produced artifacts. A multiple case-study is conducted in order to evaluate the application of the method for utilizing process models for execution and to validate the results.
Citation Formats
M. F. Çelik, “A Methodology for utilizing descriptive process models for execution,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.