An Attempt at dissolution of the notion of self

Sugorakova, Daria
The purpose of this thesis is to provide a plausible approach to the problems of self and personal continuity that arise in various thought experiments and reported extraordinary real-life cases. When we approach the puzzling thought experiments and actual cases in terms of the notion of sense of self, the question of whether a person’s self continues becomes moot and inconsequential. The approach based on the sense of self provides clarity, is capable of dissolving the puzzles, while the notion of an enduring self complicates and confuses the matter.


Understanding conceptual processes through identity judgments via behavioral and neurophysiological methods
Çakar, Tuna; Hohenberger, Annette Edeltraud; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2015)
This dissertation aims to understand the cognitive and neural underpinnings of conceptual processes during identity judgments. Identity judgments are challenging philosophical problems that are influenced by several factors including spatiotemporal proximity and similarity. Initially, participants were asked to respond to a set of propositions (Conceptual Tendency Test, (CTT)) that were directly related to the core concept of identity, on a 5-point-Likert-scale (from 1 (totally agree”) to 5 (“totally disagr...
The Embodiment of the individual self: a conceptualization of body in hegel’s phenomenology of spirit
Önder, Sevi Emek; Çırakman, Elif; Department of Philosophy (2018)
The primary purpose of this thesis is to investigate and conceptualize the notion of “body” in the context of certain sections of the Phenomenology of Spirit. While investigating the notion of “body” in the thesis, my intention is to see the possibility of reading the Phenomenology as “the science of the embodiment of consciousness”. By relying on this approach, I will try to thematize and give a comprehensive account of the “body” in the “Consciousness” and “Self-Consciousness” sections of the Phenomenolog...
Behavioral relevance of consciousness for human action: explorations with the simon task paradigm
Gök, Selvi Elif; Hohenberger, Annette Edeltraud; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2016)
The motivation of this thesis is to investigate whether consciousness has an effect on human behaviors. To this aim an exploratory approach is adopted where an experimental design with two parts is developed. In the first part, participants are first presented objects moving to the left or to the right in accordance with a rule (i.e. familiarization phase), and then transferred to a subsequent two-choice stimulus-response task for stimuli presented at the center of the screen (i.e. Simon phase). Although th...
A naturalistic account of mental representation
Aytekin, Tevfik; Sayan, Erdinç; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2007)
My thesis is an attempt to develop a naturalistic account of mental representation based on the notion of causation. The thesis consists of two main parts. The first part (chapters II and III) develops an understanding of naturalization. According to my proposal, naturalization is a two-step process: in the first step a set of conditions is specified which are thought to be the essential aspects of the notion under study and in the second step a naturalistic system is proposed which is claimed to satisfy th...
An Attempt to define nothingness and a philosophical analysis of the ultimate why question : why is there something rather than nothing?
Türkay, Kemal; Sayan, Erdinç; Department of Philosophy (2012)
The main objective of this study is to make a comprehensive analysis of the question “Why is there something rather than nothing?”, which is one of the major questions of metaphysics, and to find a plausible answer at the end, if it is possible. To begin this analysis, a clarification of what we understand by this question is needed first. For the clarification, a definition of ‘nothingness’ will be sought. Afterwards, the motivation for us to ask this question, the significance of it, and the content of it...
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D. Sugorakova, “An Attempt at dissolution of the notion of self,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.