Enlightened fathers and their reformist siblings

Kurt, Eyüp Murat
Continuity of applications is one of the most important features of a state, also a requirement for its credibility. This was valid for the Ottoman State which, in the 19th century, became dependent upon modernization for independent survival. It was therefore that the continuity of westernizing renovations performed with the anticipation of preserving state integrity gained outmost importance for the Ottoman ruling class. This study focuses on three nineteenth century enlightened fathers, one of them a non-Muslim, and their reformist siblings who have contributed to this cause as well as to Ottoman modernization. They are Kostaki and İstefanaki Musurus; İbrahim Edhem Paşa and Osman Hamdi Bey; and Ahmed Cevdet Paşa and Fatma Aliye Hanım taken up as case studies and presented here mostly through first hand sources. Each of the three selected prominent Ottomans who rendered different types of services to the Empire were not only enlightened men who, from different aspects contributed to overall Ottoman modernization, but were praiseworthy for bringing up reformist youngs. The six mentioned people with their official careers, scholarly, literary and artistic works served the Empire during a most turbulent era when the state steadily declined, leaving their unforgettable marks on the Ottoman institutions, society and culture as they contributed to the continuity of reforms. The study also brings them forth as role models opening the way to profession legacies among some prominent Ottoman families who served to implant tradition for educational and cultural elevation of the society that can be claimed to have passed to republican Turkey.


Legal framework comparison of public procurement law with state procurement law
Yüksek, Murat; Erant, Engin; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
This thesis makes the comparison of legal frameworks of the two Procurement Laws, the New Public Procurement Law (4734) and the Ex-State Procurement Law (2886) respectively. As a result of this comparison, it is seen that a lot of provisions starting from tender notice time limits to the awarding of contracts, have been changed substantially by the introduction of Turkish Public Procurement Law. Besides this comparison, the related procurement directive on construction works in European Community, namely EE...
Adsorption of blood proteins on glow-discharge-modified polyurethane membranes
Kayirhan, N; Denizli, A; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2001-08-08)
Polyurethanes are a class of polymers that have a wide range of applications in the medical field although their blood compatibility still needs improvement. In order to obtain medical purity, this study prepared membrane-form polyurethanes from toluene 2,4-diisocyanate (TDI) and poly(propylene ethylene glycol) without the addition of any ingredients such as solvents, catalysts, or chain extenders. The aim was to increase surface hydrophilicity and improve blood compatibility. Therefore, the prepared membra...
De facto presidentialization in Turkey under Erdoğan’s leadership
Uslu, Hasan Faruk; Ayata, Ayşe; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2015)
The aim of this thesis is to focus on the concept of de facto executive presidentialization, implying that regimes are becoming more presidential in actual practices without changing their constitutional and formal characteristics, in Turkey. While doing so, this thesis sheds lights into the prime ministry and presidency periods of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The main argument is that the Turkish system has been de facto presidentialized at the executive level in both periods. However, there have been little or n...
Scalar mesons in radiative phi ->(KK-0)-K-0 gamma decay
Gokalp, A.; Korkmaz, C. S.; Yılmaz, Osman (American Physical Society (APS), 2007-01-01)
We study the radiative phi -> K-0(K) over bar (0)gamma decay within a phenomenological framework by considering the contributions of the f(0)(980) and a(0)(980) scalar resonances. We calculate the branching ratio B(phi -> K-0(K) over bar (0)gamma) by employing the coupling constants g(f0)K(+)K(-) and g(a0)K(+)K(-) as determined by different experimental groups.
The Role of religion in international relations : the case of the relations between Turkey and organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Öztürk, Burcu; Çıtak Aytürk, Zana Ayşe; Department of International Relations (2013)
This thesis aims to research the role of religion in international relations by examining the relationship between Turkey and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This relationship has strengthened since 2002. This thesis will analyze this relationship in three steps from the establishment of the OIC to present. First, the establishment of the OIC and Turkey’s OIC membership process, especially in terms of the principle of secularism will be analyzed. Second, the relationship between Turkish domes...
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E. M. Kurt, “Enlightened fathers and their reformist siblings,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.