GPU based infrared signature modeling and scene simulation /

Kavak, Çağlar
The need of a fast and high fidelity scene simulation system is important for the development of modern infrared (IR) imaging systems. The performance testing of these systems is expensive and also depends on environment conditions. However, computer based systems can provide a cost effective alternative to field trials. Ray tracing provides physical accuracy and photo realism for scene generation. However, it has computationally intensive nature and conventionally used for non-real time applications. The development of Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) technology makes ray tracing more available for real time applications. NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine, runs on top of the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture, is primarily applied on visual band rendering and it has not been yet used in physics based scene simulation in the IR region. In this thesis work, an effort is made to model physics based IR scene simulation with OptiX. The developed system is tested on several benchmarks and also the effects of the signature components are analyzed. The results show that spectral dependency of the radiometric data and atmosphere effects are important and must be taken into account. Moreover, the results show that current GPU technology can generate high fidelity IR images at high frame rates.
Citation Formats
Ç. Kavak, “GPU based infrared signature modeling and scene simulation /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.