Quality oriented information retrieval and timeliness analysis on diabetes websites /

Belen Sağlam, Rahime
The foremost requirement of health information seekers is to retrieve high quality and up-to date information from web search engine results. Current techniques rely heavily on Web graph structure and they are domain independent solutions. However, in health domain, to ensure information quality, a search engine should return results that are not only relevant to submitted query but also in accordance with evidence based medical guidelines. The aim of this thesis is to propose an automated framework which is able to retrieve high quality and up-to date health information according to evidence based medicine. The contributions of the thesis are twofold. The first one is a method which is developed to differentiate high quality and unbiased health information content from low quality ones and makes use relevance feedback, information retrieval and opinion mining techniques. The second one is a method which is developed to automatically assess the timeliness of a health web site using evidence based clinical practice guidelines. The experiments are conducted on diabetes web sites and the results show that the first method achieves 76% accuracy in detecting high quality web sites and the second method accomplishes 77% in detecting the timeliness of web sites.


A framework for information quality and coverageassessment for type 2 diabetes websites
Ölçer, Didem; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Department of Information Systems (2020-10-22)
Health information seekers often use search engines to access high-quality and up-to-date information. However, finding online high-quality health information is increasingly getting difficult due to the high volume of information generated by non-experts in the area. There are manual tools which help end-users in assessing the quality of websites. However, they are labour-intensive. This thesis aims to propose a framework that automatically evaluates the content coverage and quality of health websites acco...
Automatic information coverage assessment of diabetes websites
Bulut, Güliz; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Department of Information Systems (2018)
People frequently access Internet to look up health information. However, as the quality of websites may vary significantly, the treatment recommendations and guidelines provided by some of these web sites may be fallacious. Consequently, patients may unfollow their current treatments suggested by their doctors or start following unfounded treatments. In this thesis, an automated approach is presented to estimate information coverage of websites. The approach is based on a domain-dependent standard knowledg...
Characterizing web search queries that match very few or no results
Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Cambazoglu, Berkant Barla; Ozcan, Rifat; Sarigil, Erdem; Ulusoy, Özgür (2012-12-19)
Despite the continuous efforts to improve the web search quality, a non-negligible fraction of user queries end up with very few or even no matching results in leading web search engines. In this work, we provide a detailed characterization of such queries based on an analysis of a real-life query log. Our experimental setup allows us to characterize the queries with few/no results and compare the mechanisms employed by the major search engines in handling them.
Automatic information timeliness assessment of diabetes web sites by evidence based medicine
SAGLAM, Rahime Belen; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba (2014-11-01)
Studies on health domain have shown that health websites provide imperfect information and give recommendations which are not up to date with the recent literature even when their last modified dates are quite recent. In this paper, we propose a framework which assesses the timeliness of the content of health websites automatically by evidence based medicine. Our aim is to assess the accordance of website contents with the current literature and information timeliness disregarding the update time stated on ...
Explicit Search Result Diversification Using Score and Rank Aggregation Methods
Ozdemiray, Ahmet Murat; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör (2015-06-01)
Search result diversification is one of the key techniques to cope with the ambiguous and underspecified information needs of web users. In the last few years, strategies that are based on the explicit knowledge of query aspects emerged as highly effective ways of diversifying search results. Our contributions in this article are two-fold. First, we extensively evaluate the performance of a state-of-the-art explicit diversification strategy and pin-point its potential weaknesses. We propose basic yet novel ...
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R. Belen Sağlam, “Quality oriented information retrieval and timeliness analysis on diabetes websites /,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.