Textual readings of architecture: orienting semiosphere /

Eşingen, Günce
Architectural discourse has been affected by the paradigmatic shift in linguistics that has been cultivated since 1960s. The so-called “linguistic paradigm” in architecture has been playing a significant role in the constitution of architectural discourse and motivating architects to realize new strategies for the production of architectural form, not to say style. This thesis is an inquiry into the disciplinary formation of architecture with its relation to culture at large, where architecture is located in-between internal and external determinants. The thesis proposes how the term “text” has been “transcoded” into architecture and how architecture is defined textual in reference to its sociocultural background. Developed around the concept of “semiosphere” introduced and defined by Yuri M. Lotman, the thesis proposes to read architecture as a textual framework.
Citation Formats
G. Eşingen, “Textual readings of architecture: orienting semiosphere /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2014.