User satisfaction related design recommendations for non-keyboard input devices in military

Ürün Çınar, Duygu
Information on user satisfaction is a significant input for product design process. In order to measure user satisfaction related with the consumer products, many studies have been carried out by researchers. However, military products were not taken into account in most of these studies. This study aims to evaluate mouse, touchpad, hula pointer and trackball which are non-keyboard input devices (NKIDs) integrated in operator consoles as working areas in military in terms of user satisfaction. For this sake, a field study was conducted with 21 operators from three different Turkish Military Forces; namely, Land, Air and Navy. When the data were evaluated, mouse was found as the most satisfactory device by the participants. Operators were also asked to rate the devices based on suitability to their platforms on which they work. Although mouse was preferred as the most satisfactory device; only Land Forces preferred it as the most suitable one for their platforms. Regarding their usage in the platforms, trackball was preferred by Navy Forces, whereas the touchpad preferred by the Air Forces as the most suitable ones. Consequently, it is found that different platforms require different NKIDs. Furthermore, design recommendations in relation with the selection and integration of NKIDs were generated based on the participant operators’ preferences.
Citation Formats
D. Ürün Çınar, “User satisfaction related design recommendations for non-keyboard input devices in military,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.